Chinooks Drop Third Straight In Return To French Field

Chinooks fans are hoping it’s not becoming a habit to have a good last five innings but come up short after the last pitch is thrown. Again, the guys in the blue jerseys with the fish on the back of their caps were blanked. The final scor:e 9-0, the Anchorage Glacier Pilots on top.

There was a lot of good news, though. Two players joined the team for tonight’s game. Also, Drew Turbin shook the bug that had sidelined him for several days and was back in great shape at third base.

Playing their first games as Chinooks were pitchers James Scott and Chance Gusbeth. Scott is a junior at The Master’s College and was the “two” in the one-two team in the Mustangs’ rotation. He worked with A. J. Work, the Chinook pitcher from 2012 who went back last fall to break Chris Beck’s record of most career wins, then broke his own record, ending with 30.

Cusbeth will be a sophomore at Cal State Bakersfield in the fall and does double duty with the Roadrunners. He was designated hitter in tonight’s game at Loretta French Park.

Two defensive red stars made their way into the scorebook, both com- ing in the top of the seventh and both beside the name of second baseman Griffin Roark. He turned consecutive would-be doubles into outs when he went far to his right to make diving stops, then made accurate throws to first.

The Pilots scored four in the second after being put down one-two-three in the opening stanza by Scott who was starting pitcher. They came back in the second to put three across, then scored two in the fourth.

A double play was recorded in the top of the sixth when Bryce Clifton, who came in in relief of Scott, fielded a come-backer from the number five Pilot hitter and threw to shortstop Stephen Ventimilia at second, who went to Ryan Shackelford at first for the second out.

The wood sticks the collegiate players are in the process of getting used to were still quiet, unfortunately. Roark doubled and three other fish got on with singles.

Tomorrow night the Chinooks again host the Pilots in their fourth meeting. Three more games with the Flyboys are scheduled–all in June. Game time is 7 p.m. tomorrow in a game sponsored by The Alaska Club.