It won’t be long until we hear that call to open the Chinooks’ 2012 season. As one way to help with the large investment needed to make this happen, the Booster Club is offering season tickets at $150 each.

Why buy a ticket, you ask, when admission to the games is free?

It’s simple. There are a lot of incentives. First of all, you will have a reserved section. Second, you will get a free stadium seat…not a cheap canvas thing, but a padded fold-up chair that will fit snugly on the bleachers. The seat normally retails for $42.99 plus shipping and the cost of adding the Chinooks logo. If that isn’t enough, we’re obtaining discounts at local businesses for folks who turn in a coupon from a book given to each season ticket purchaser. What does all this mean? IT MEANS YOU CAN WATCH THE GAME IN COMFORT AND GET MORE THAN YOUR MONEY BACK IN DISCOUNTS!!!

PLEASE ORDER YOUR TICKET ASAP. We need to get advance orders to at least cover the cost of the seats. Contact Lee Jordan at 907.688.9068 and tell him how many to reserve for you.

Oh, and tell your friends about this great deal so they can join us!